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Community Grant Information – National & Local (District 43)

Sep 14, 2022


The RTOERO  Community Grants program which provides grants to Districts for initiatives which support the objectives outlined in the grant guidelines. The intent is to raise the profile of retired teachers by visibly demonstrating to active teachers and to the public-at-large that retired teachers care about their communities and about public education, and are willing to do something to help those who need assistance.  

RTOERO Community Grants are designed to encourage all RTOERO Districts to support and partner with local organizations to promote projects that will help our organization to meet our strategic goals of:

• to improve the lives of members and seniors
• be the trusted voice for the broader education communities
• and broaden our membership base 

Successful applications will exhibit many of the exemplary traits articulated in the RTOERO values of:

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
• Community Connection
• Commitment to healthy, active living
• Environmental Sustainability
• Service
• Wellbeing
• Accountability

Click on the **HERE**to link to the Provincial RTOERO Community Grants website page that will provide information about the Provincial Community Grants, including criteria, application form, procedures & deadlines, and a listing of past participants.

(Note: the deadline for submissions to the District 43 Executive (who will choose one project to be forwarded) is April 1st of each year)
Further assistance from District 43 can be obtained by contacting Sue Rhoads (listed in the Executive Directory  found **here**)


District 43 offers financial support to projects that meet certain  funding criteria  Any District 43 member may submit a request for funds.Funding guidelines and an application form are included in an application package. To access this package ( in Microsoft WORD fomat), CLICK **HERE**or e-mail Sue Rhoads directly (check listing in the Executive Directory found **HERE**) These forms can be downloaded, filled out, and submitted to the District 43 Community Grants Chair who will provide copies to the Community Grants Committee and District Executive. The deadline for requests is MARCH 1st  of each year.

Some projects that have been chosen in the past are:

  • Packsac Smiles Organization ($500) – giving backpacks filled with clothing and school supplies and hygiene items to needy students
  • Books by the Bay Authors Program ($250) – to promote student participation in the author program – for prize money and promotion
  • Mattawa Historical Society ($200) – to develop hands-on educational programs and interactive displays

The Local Community Grant Request deadline is MARCH 1st  of each year. Forms and criteria are available on the District website (see above), or from  Sue Rhoads.