Minutes of September 5, 2023 Meeting – at Davedi Club

Oct 14, 2023

 R.T.O District 43 General Meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2023


 1) Welcome  President, Paul Brazeau   Introduction of New Members – Sue Priebe.  Sue announced that we have a membership of over 700.   New members introduced were Jan Rodgers and Diana Lewis.

 2) Minutes of May 11 General Meeting – Cheryl Nidd.Moved by Cheryl;   Seconded by Doug Bolger that the minutes be accepted as written.  CARRIED

 3) Treasurer’s Report – Anne Delaney.  Anne presented an informational report to the members.  Moved by Doug Bolger;  Seconded by George Cleator that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented.  CARRIED

4) Committee Reports

  • Travel Report – Murray reported that the two trips booked for 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID.  Those trips were to Stratford and to Newfoundland.  With restrictions lifted, we are ready to move ahead with sign up sheets to see if the interest to travel is still there.  A committee has  been formed to assist Murray with the travel program.  The “assistants” are Sue P., Sue Rhoads and Dorothy Lemieux.  2024 is to be the “Renaissance” of the Travel Group.  In 2024, Mirvish is offering the plays Les Miserables  and Tina.

5) Third Age – Sue Rhoads    Sue spoke to Third Age Nipissing provides life- long learning for seniors.  There are 3 meetings in each session, and the meetings are held at the North Bay Museum.  Tickets are on sale now.  There are only 60 tickets available for each meeting.

  6) Appreciation– Cheryl Nidd

 7)  Luncheon

8) Guest Speaker: Dr. Lorraine Frost, Meghan Lowry and Mike Johnson

Introduction:  Doug Bolger
Appreciation:  Paul Brazeau

Lorraine Frost spoke to the theme of their mission, “Educate the Girl Child”. There are currently 6 practice teachers in the Cameroon highlands teaching the children of the village.  They are working in deplorable conditions.  There are no supplies to work with, and the area has been recently plagued by civil unrest.  Many people are currently displaced in Cameroon, and many children cannot find a school to attend.  Some children haven’t been in school since 2016.  Lorraine also stated that their group supports a women’s Co-operative in Cameroon.  This Co-operative sells,purses, earrings, etc. to raise money.

9) Door prizes: The Laura Secord basket was won by Eunice Saari (ticket #611625)

The Nut basket was won by Sigrid Clarke (ticket #611537)

10) Adjournment  Moved by Doug Bolger that the meeting be adjourned at 1:05 p.m.  CARRIED

Next General Meeting: Christmas luncheon; Dec 7, 2023