Minutes of February 20, 2024 – General Meeting – at Davedi Club

Mar 15, 2024

 R.T.O District 43 
Minutes of General Meeting
held at the Davedi Club (North Bay)
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

1) Welcome President, Paul Brazeau

Introduction of New Members :  Welcome to Diana Lewis, Marita Bailey and Twyla Doucette

2) Minutes of December 7 General Meeting – Cheryl Nidd

Moved by Cheryl; Seconded by Kathy Hallett, that the minutes. Of December 7/23 be accepted as written.  CARRIED

3) Treasurer’s report – Anne Delaney

Anne explained the reason for the increase in pricing for the luncheons at the Davedi Club. She entertained questions regarding same.  Moved by Anne; Seconded by Susan Rhoads, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented.  CARRIED

4) Committee Reports

 i)   Nominations: Doug Bolger – Doug explained to the membership that at the May General Meeting, he will present a slate of officers for election to the RTOERO District 43 executive board.  The committee must think about which positions need to be filled.  The committee will refer to the job description outlines for each position.  The Nomination Committee meeting is to be held on March 26, 2024.

ii) Travel: Murray Neil – Murray spoke about the upcoming trip on September 18-26, 2024 to Stratford, Elmira and St. Jacobs. The play being presented in Stratford is “Something Wicked”. Murray noted that registration has been going well, and that there are many extras included in this trip.  Sue Rhoads has been taking names at the back of the hall today.  Registration may also be made at Mayne Travel.

iii)   Scholarships: Olive Ridler – Information regarding available scholarships will be put on the RTO District 43 website.

iv) Community Grants: Susan Rhoads – Susan noted that the new application for the Community Grants program is on the RTO District 43 website.  If your group wishes to be considered, just fill in the form and forward it to Susan.  If any difficulty with the website should arise, please call Susan for assistance.

v) Pension Workshop, April 20: Paul Brazeau for Susan Priebe – Paul mentioned that the next RTO Retirement Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2024 at the North Bay Museum.  Check-in and Breakfast begin at 9:00 a.m.  The actual workshop begins at 9:30 a.m.  Retirement Planning Workshop flyers are also being distributed.

NOTE:  Although a formal Goodwill Committee report was not made by May Seguin, she did turn in a written Goodwill Report, which will be included with the original copy of the

5) Appreciation– Cheryl Nidd

6)  Luncheon

7)  Presentation of 25-year (or longer) Certificates: Stephanie Roy

Recipients included:

Edward Bale.                    Raymond Bernier.              Ann Burns.
Philip Geden.                    Dorothy Labrick.                Margaret Souter
Brian Tinker.                      Elizabeth Barker.                 Peter Burns
Phyllis Chayer.                   Sandra Hague.                     Ann McIntyre
Frances Tanner.                Verna Bielby.                       Joyce Boston
Larry Murray.                    Hugh Owen.                         May Seguin
Gerald Zima.                      Rita Dimmell.                      Joan McMartin
Gertrude Brennan.           Sydney Ouellette.              Barbara Page
Betty Taylor.                      Frances Desjardins.           Harvey Ellis
Noreen Muldoon.             Ruth Taylor.                        Betty Thomson
Donna Yetman.                 Janet O’Connor.                 Helene Yuzwak.

8) Door prizes

Laura Secord Deluxe basket won by Sandra Claudio.
Laura Secord Dessert Collection basket won by Michelle  Boudreaux.

9) Adjournment:  Motion of Adjournment made by Doug Bolger at 12:55 p.m.


Next General Meeting: Luncheon at Davedi Club; May 16, 2024